Thursday, July 29, 2010

Please read this

This week, my family got to go to the little town where my mother grew up and where my uncle now lives and runs a Christian rehabilitation center for people needing emotional, spiritual, and physical help in life. They use an amazing integration of worship, therapy sessions, community, and work.
My uncle and his wife have given everything to run this house (an extension of their own house) and to help these people who need some extra grace and patience with everything. Five years ago, I lived at the house for 2 weeks to help out with whatever was needed and just hang out with the residents. Already back then I was in such support of what my uncle was doing. It was really neat to go back this year, five years later with some more life experience as well as some counseling/psychology and theology classes under my belt. Again, I was really touched and the whole deal really had an impression on me--how needy people there can find a balance of 'methods' that gives room to heal and become a more whole person.
Even the worship time in the mornings has developed to be more hands-on and integrative (such as having the residents lay a paper crown at the foot of the cross to symbolize laying down their glory for Jesus'). In this way, the residents are more engaged and it can be very therapeutic for them.

Anyway, thought I would share this.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Safe Arrival

I made it safe and sound to Germany!
This past trip from Denver to Germany was the most hassle-free, convenient, comfortable, and fastest ever! And that with the most luggage and pounds I've ever traveled with. Praise be to God!
I had a very welcoming, sweet greeting rally meet me at the airport and it's been great to be with my family the last few days and just get adjusted back to Germany.

So, a few things I've noticed:
--In England, whoever said tights on girls are out of fashion, was majorly not "in style."
--It's hot here! I thought I was getting away from the heat, but I come here to find that this area is in a heat wave. And I'm realizing how humid even low humidity feels because I've gotten used to dry Colorado!
--It's so pretty here!! When I look around here (where I lived until age 5) I realize that it's no wonder I totally fell in love with the green Appalachians mountains in Georgia and Kentucky
--It's very clean here
--It's such a blessing to already to know a few people from way back when and that they are making efforts to re-connect. Yey!

Thanks for all your prayers, friends!

Friday, July 16, 2010

2 Days to go

Training went so great! My teacher has been so patient, funny, and going at a perfect pace for me. I feel like I am gaining a whole new, wonderful, big family by joining this organization. Yey!

Now I'm back in Denver and have 2 days before I fly out! I still have lots of re-packing to do, cleaning, saying good-bye, trying to sell my car, and trying to process all this! Everything is coming so fast now and I'm very excited to be joining my family in Germany, but it's sad also to be leaving here...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Upcoming Week

Well, lots going on this week!
So far, training for the new job has been going great! This week I have a few more days learning about QuickBooks and some company lingo and procedures, but I have a great teacher.
The rest of the week after Wednesday will include packing, buying some supplies I can't get overseas, saying good-bye, and (God willing!!) selling my car!

Please pray for peace, wisdom, discernment, and a continuous, conscious awareness of the LORD's presence.