Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finally an Update

Wow. I should have posted more regularly! A lot has been going on and yet a lot of the same stuff.

Things here at the House are great--God has really blessed me with putting me into this believing community where it's a great environment to build deep friendships. This last week, my new roommate moved in! She's also very new to Colorado and going through a lot of the same thought processes and emotions that I have been/am going through. Praise God, however, because I feel further along than a few weeks ago and hope to be seeing the light more and more clearly.

Job search is going well too. I've had interviews with 2 staffing agency in which, after getting to know me a little, they match me with a company that is hiring. I hope to hear something soon. In the mean time, I've had the chance to organize the library of an older couple in this area. That has been quite time-consuming and never-ending at times, but I am so thankful to be doing something "productive" and making some money on the side too.

Future. I have about 16 days in which to find a job or else leave the country. Yup, I'm back to the count-down. I can't be unemployed for more than 60 days and if nothing opens up in the next few days, we'll see where I end up...The past few weeks have gone very slowly and tediously (often hopelessly!), but knowing there will be an end to it in a few weeks helps, despite not knowing what will happen at that time.

Secret of life: contentment. If I could wish for one thing for my whole life, it would be contentment. This would mean I would enjoy whatever I DO have rather than looking and thinking of things that I don't have or that aren't. Really though...we wish for riches, nice car, good job, pretty family, etc> yet those who seemingly have all those things can't enjoy them! That is vanity indeed. Like Paul, I want to say that "I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content: 12 I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. 13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. "

So let it be, Abba.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

God, Larry Crabb, high school friend, and the sun

What do all those things have to do with each other? Those different elements came together today to make it a good day for me.

6 AM: Set up for a weekly event at the House

8 AM: Hang out w/ God

11AM: I went to Colorado Christian University with a friend from the House to hear Larry Crabb speak in chapel. He explained the need for change in this world via the power of God, not just programs and efforts for "social justice," "going green," or whatever. Those things will naturally spring out of a right relationship with God. The rightness of the Trinity, our relationship to the Trinity, and relationships branching out of that relationship is what brings real change.
The cool thing was, as I was walking into the chapel, I saw a girl that looked vaguely familiar. I kept looking at her trying not to be creepy, but finally we both had our moments of recognition and embraced each other. She was a freshman at The Woodlands Christian Academy, TX, when I was a senior there! Her group of friends and I used to eat lunch on the picnic tables outside...4 years later, we re-connect in Colorado and eat lunch together. Tell me that's not cool.

2 PM: I went to the University of Denver close-by to meet with a lady who does volunteer discipleship with YoungLife. I have come to really like and respect that organization and wanted to hear ways I could get involved in campus ministry, especially international students. Hopefully this initial connection will develop more next semester.

4:30 PM: Take a sun-break from searching for jobs by going outside and smiling heaven-ward.

I am starting to see a miracle in progress. It's the miracle of God changing my attitude and perspective. I can see a little more hopefully, joyfully, and contently even though my circumstances have not changed one single bit. This is God's work and I praise Him for it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I guess it takes half of the sting out of pain and a difficult time when I can just acknowledge it as is: I am in a wilderness. Yeah. Not in the sense that I feel really distant and dry from God, but that I'm really in a season of "wandering", searching, and waiting. YET, the cool thing I realized the other day, was that even as the Israelites were "wandering" in the wilderness for 40 years, they actually DID get closer to the Promised Land! I thought that was so cool. They were treading on ground that would get the next generation closer to the Land and that they wouldn't have to cover again. Even this wilderness time is not a waste and even in the wilderness, God is faithful--He is providing food and drink and is not "letting my sandals wear out."

Something else I've been contemplating is this: Are the promises of Jesus to be fully realized in the present? Yes, I know they won't have their full fulfillment until Heaven, but to what extent should the Christian's life characterize the reality of promises such as "Fear not," "Give your burdens to me," "Have life to the fullest," "Where I am, there is freedom" ...
Who is actually living in the reality of this? Wouldn't life be grand if we actually lived in these proposed promises? Yet, isn't it available to us?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Last Week

This past week was pretty good, I guess.
Monday I had an interview. I think I would have gotten the job, except that the owners were both on work visas too and had to hire a US citizen!
The rest of the week was spent serving at the house--I loved it. I enjoyed working in this "hospitality" environment and interacting with different people. The job searching hasn't really gone anywhere else this week...

I wonder, once again, what God has up His sleeve. I wonder if/when I'm gonna get a job, or if I will end up leaving the U.S., or what even this next week holds?? On one hand it feels like this "waiting" time is gonna go on forever, and on the other hand I think, "Surely not!" Who knows.

God is faithful.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Well, I had a few interviews this week, posted and emailed a LOT of resumes, sent out applications...
Interview #1 was with an environmental non-profit organization in which I would be "canvassing" to raise money to raise awareness about the pollution being thrown into Colorado rivers...maybe a great cause, but it sounds a lot like the job I just got out they wouldn't even let me train without my employment papers not in yet...
Interview #2 with Google got canceled...they said not to bother if I couldn't commit to a year of a "completely not people oriented" job of data research and entry...
I submitted papers to be an assistant manager at a cute bakery and cafe shop close to here...I have a few interviews lined up for this week, so keep praying for GOD's WILL.

Happy Resurrection Day!