Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"God sightings"

So, I've been helping out with the Egypt-themed Vacation Bible School at Wellspring Anglican Church this week and we're building a pyramid from brick-colored paper on which the kids write out their "God sightings."
These are ways in which we see God work and remind us of His love through any means around us.
My sightings in the last 2 days have been:
>Seeing the majesty of Pike's Peak (a high mountain in Colorado Springs)
>The laughter of children
>A little girl asking me if I will dance with her
>Bunnies and squirrels chasing each other around
>The fresh air
>Reading and just being in the presence of a good friend
>The sound of the wind in the trees

Countdown: 25 days remaining the United States of America. Mixed feelings.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


For a few months now, an organization here in the USA has been recruiting me for their new office in Europe. At first, I was unwilling and hesitant, but after much prayer and surrender, I started the application process and got the job offer!!
I will be a "regional financial coordinator" doing accounting, administration, and various other tasks. The plan is to leave the US the third week of July and I'll be moving back to my hometown in Germany! It's so perfect that the office will be located there and I will get to live in my family's house there> I'm so excited!
It's been an incredible, filled with "God-details" journey, but here at the end of my time in America, it's taking me right back to where I was born :)
Stay tuned for details!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Well, recently there's just been a lot of day-to-day life that I've been enjoying. It's a grace to be able to utilize this season in which I'm on a tourist visa to just relax and be for a while. I've been reading a lot, memorizing some Scripture, posting ads to sell my car, hanging out with a few people I've met here in Denver, and see how I can help out however and whoever I can. It's been good and I praise God that I can enjoy it.
I'm still waiting for the finality of it, but it looks like a job is cooking up for me in Germany! Many things have been pointing towards it and I've had a great heart-change about moving back, but either way, I'll be leaving the USA at the end of July. This has a lot of implications for me--many good-byes to people, lifestyle, some dreams, knowing how to get around, and to life as I've built it for the last few years since being in America. But all these things--and the whole world!--is in our Father's loving and gentle hands.

God is faithful!