Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last month of October

Wow, this past month has gone by so quickly!
Some highlights:

--Started using the heater because we've been getting below freezing during the night
--Got a birdy named Yesil ("Green" in Turkish because he's a beautiful deep green)
--My mom's here to visit!!
--Took the Scooter out for a night in Basel with TWO of us on it...that was interesting as we realized the tires need some pumping up and then it started raining on our way back!!
--Got a cold and am getting over it pretty quickly, praise God
--I know I have people around me who really care about me. I see this in that they hug me, turn on the heater knowing I easily get cold, invite me over, give me flowers, come over spontaneously...
--I found out that one of my elderly neighbors won't be coming back to live there anymore because she has gotten too weak and dependent :(
--I tutored a neighbor kid in English and he got a B on his test! woohoo!
--I have the most beautiful drive to work, especially with the trees turning firey colors and skies bright blue (when it's not overcast...)
--I can't believe that my birthday is coming up so soon and I will be 23!!
--Getting used to things at work and enjoying working with numbers and money when it calculates out right :)


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  1. I experience that very same feeling about numbers. I love it when they come out right! I hate it when they don't.