Sunday, September 20, 2009

Toccoa in Disarray in Turbulent Rain!

Many waters cannot quench love;
rivers cannot wash it away. ~ Song of Solomon 8:7

Well, it's been an exciting day in Toccoa, GA!
I've been in Nashville for the last four days, but apparently it has been raining a lot in the last few days. This morning I allowed myself the sweet lux
ury of snoozing in bed for an extra hour under the restful tapping of
rain on the tin roof. What a delightful welcome to the Lord's day!
After an amazing lunch of potato salad, corn, and chicken, I could no longer hold the excitement in, but I had to go experience this non-stop rain for myself.
Collecting a few friends on the way, I geared up in shorts and rain boots, and we went out to explore what we may find. Wow, did we find some adventure!
We found rivers overflowing,

the "flood plains" quite flooded, the soccer field having a hard time draining, and, of course, the roads sweeping dirt, trash, and Georgia clay :)
The Falls were gated shut, but we saw trees in the river and road. Tonight, I got to tour Toccoa from inside a vehicle to assess the damage of the rain...Some riverbanks were washed away, back-gardens no more, ponds merged, sand-bags present to prevent even more damaged, families looking out windows...
And guess what else I saw? My favorite part: college kids playing out in the rain!! Everyone is curious to see what the rain did.
Today reminded me of the Flood in 1977 at Toccoa Falls College. If it's only been raining for 24 hours and everything is so overwhelmed with water already, I cannot imagine what it was like to have the dam break...So sad.

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