Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Casual Divine Appointment

I was talking to my garden the other morning when I heard the two neighbor kids talking:

"God is invisible."
"There is no God."

Before they could say anything else, I piped in saying,

"I've seen God!" :) They looked at me like I was an angel! I proceeded to tell them about how we can see the Spirit of God moving like we can see leaves moved by the wind. We can see God by His actions around us. I told them about Jesus, how He created everything for Himself, through Himself, out of love for us.

They started getting the picture and marvelingly asked if God even made the airplanes, mommy and daddy, and their bicycles.

It was a beautiful encounter to sow truth in these kids' minds.

Praise be to God.

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  1. ...hallo, liebe Lydia, hab dich gerade hier bei den Bloggern entdeckt *freu*.

    Du hast guten Samen ausgesät, in Gottes Garten, er wird aufgehen in den Kinderherzen...