Friday, October 9, 2009

Homecoming at Toccoa Falls College

This weekend is homecoming here at Toccoa Falls College and I love it!
I love seeing people come here with all their memories, sentiments, tears of joy, and the feelings of youthfulness revisited. People who haven't seen each other for decades now reuniting during brunches, luncheons, socials, ducky races, touring campus...It makes me happy that I go to a school where former students come back and share their stories of how they grew here and all that God taught them here.
I wonder when I will come back again for homecoming. I think it will be a great delight to see people that I went to school some 20 years later all grown up, probably most married and with kids, and catch up on all that has been happening in the last years. I pray that I will have that joy when it comes my time.
For now, I am still content and delighted to be a current student at Toccoa Falls College and am so thankful for that God has allowed me to learn here and all the people I have met.

All praise, glory, and honor to the Lord God of hosts.

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