Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ponderings and pics of the car

Well, things have been...interesting. Life is pretty rough on my heart, mind, and emotions right now, but I praise God He has placed my parents, siblings, and good friends in my life that are able to such a source of clear perspective and encouragement.
I still have to make a decision as to what happens with my poor car, but I've talked with the insurance agent and he has given me some good options.

Please be praying for much wisdom and discernment during this time. I'm really struggling with holding on to the end, trying to see purpose is what I'm doing and why I'm here, and feeling like I'm very unsettled. Sure, I just got here a month ago (it seems so much longer!) but I still feel so up-in-the-air. One wise friend made a very clear analogy for me: a plant that has been uprooted and re-potted first needs some time to get its roots down and soaked up before it can really start growing again and bearing fruit. I guess I want all the adjusting and "growing up pains" to PUFF be over and start getting involved with different things and people. Instead, I'm sort of frustrated that it's taking all of my time and energy just to settle down. Man oh man.

Well, here are picture of my car before and after the crash :) Enjoy!

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