Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This week has still been rough. I just hate how up and down everything is> my thoughts, emotions, spirituality, feeling adjusted, etc. But God has been gracious. Often I feel like I can't step into another business door trying to sell office supplies, but the LORD has been giving me songs. Truth songs. And reminders of Scriptures I've memorized. Again, truth.

I've also been blessed with many friends to encourage and pray for me. I've been getting texts and phone calls from people reminding me of truth passages and that they're praying for me. what a blessing!

Please be praying about the job situation. It's very much in the air, but it doesn't look like it will be for much longer, since I haven't made any closes in a few days. Oh man. I wonder why God has me here.

Today I read from Acts how the kingdom of God comes through suffering. I would understand if tribulation would come just because you're a believer, but how much do we inflict on ourselves? How much is just "life"? I guess God uses those too, but are they so noble?

Anyway, God IS faithful and good, even when I have no earthly idea what He is doing or going to do. Thanks for standing with me.

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