Tuesday, March 30, 2010

God in the stripping business??

"Hang in there!" "Let go, Lydia" >I've been living in that dichotomy for a few weeks now...

This last weekend I went to Texas to pick up my beautiful car. It looks great and I'm so glad God helped bring down the deductible!!

With different things and "inconveniences" happening in the last few days, I am convinced that God is in the stripping business. Stripping of self, in summary. Just yesterday I was reminding a friend that all our possessions belong to God, we just use it and are its stewards. I had submitted my car like this to the LORD when I first got it. He took it away for a month and now it's available for use again--for mine or however else God uses it.
Well, yesterday my cell phone was stolen from the property... As Mam reminded me--if Jesus needs it, you should be honored that He took yours! So wise!

So I am being stripped of my former comfort, security, possessions, anything I might be holding on to except HIM. Such a heart-wrenching process! But at least God is in control and He holds me by the hand...

God is faithful. So let it be.

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