Monday, May 10, 2010

A Day in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Laura spent some time showing me around the city (that has a wide river flowing through it) and walking through the downtown area. For lunch, we met up with her boyfriend's mother and we ate at a German bistro place--wow German food is good!
The afternoon was spent just hanging out with Laura, seeing a bit of her life in Canada. It's strange how it feels so normal being with her even though we haven't been in each others' daily lives for over 4 months. Praise God for treasure friends like Laura!
Before driving over to her boyfriends' family's acreage, we drove through "Alphabet City," so named because the name of these streets are a letter from the alphabet and considered the more "ghetto" part of Saskatoon. I also got to see some "First Nations" people, the natives of Canada that are much more dominant in the area than other ethnicities.
Dinner at the farm was yummy--mostly home-grown food and good company.

Praise God.

At Laura's boyfriends' family farm
Flat Saskatoon Landscape...
In front of a really fancy hotel :)
Celebrating the boys' birthdays!

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