Sunday, May 16, 2010

Surprise Visit to my home in Georgia

The 2-day trip from Saskatoon to Ohio went great! It was a good time of talking, sleeping, driving, looking out the video, listening to audio books, etc. Even the time at Laura's family was restful and peaceful.
Laura was driving down here to Toccoa, GA, anyway for our college's graduation, so I decided to go with her and it has been so fun "appearing out of no where." It's been so satisfying seeing people after these 5 months (that have felt so much longer than that!) and telling about what the LORD has done.
That has been what's been so encouraging, actually--getting to share over and over how God proved His faithfulness and love even during a time that was really dark for me. It's been nice to have objectivity to look back over the last few months in Colorado and see how deeply God has indeed worked both in me and around me. Praise Him.
Graduation was bitter-sweet. Watching all my professors and fellow-students walk down the aisle made me so proud to be a Toccoa Falls College-er and reminded me of how God knew what He was doing when He brought me here. Yesterday was a sad day, however, because once everyone graduated, they all scattered, some getting ready to go to other parts of the world. To think that we will never be in place again, at this season in life, sort of hurts. I guess this is what "growing pains" is partially about and realizing I have to move on because life keeps going. Oh Lord have mercy.
I fly back to Denver on Tuesday and since I'm back in the U.S. now on a tourist visa, I will have to leave the country beginning of August. Please be praying that God will sell my car and finish the assignments He has given me to do.

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