Friday, May 7, 2010

In Canada!

Greetings from Canada!
Yeah...yesterday morning I didn't know either that I would be in Canada 24 hours later, but here I am! I was talking to a good friend of mine here yesterday and realized I could drive back to the US with her if I got here soon enough. We found a good last-minute flight, and 5 hours later I was at the airport. The 5 hours was spent frantically packing, collecting "evidence support" documents (in case Canada and US need all of it to let me in!), cleaning, arranging for rides, going for a run to get out some of the nervous energy, and then leaving for the airport.
The trip was 15 hours!! They had me go all over the US first, with several hours in between, and I finally arrive at 10 this morning. Thank God it's nice weather here today and it makes me so happy to see my friend again!! Thank you, LORD! No crazy stories and Canada let me in, so I'm thankful. Thanks for all the prayers!

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