Sunday, May 2, 2010

Marking 3 months and Upcoming determining week

Hey friends,
Last week was consumed with helping a godly widow get some practical stuff done. It was such a blessing and joy!
And another point of celebration is my being in Denver for 3 months!
It snowed a few random times this past week, including a mud shower! It was crazy--it left all our cars covered in a thick layer of brown.
This upcoming week will be an interesting one...
I'm on the 60-day countdown (can't be unemployed for longer than 60 days on an OPT visa) and I'm in the last week. I'm still hoping for some leads from the staffing agencies that I had an interview with, but I also have an interview with a Chick-Fil-A in the area :)
It's funny that I'm in this place of last-minute again. I am at peace, surrendered, and relying on the LORD for the next step. I was at that place before coming to Denver, but between that time and now, it was not always so hopeful, confident, trusting, and comforting. The last 3 months I've been here have been something else as far as being stripped, stretched, and adjusted. Despite all the tears, heart-ache, difficulties, and loneliness, I can still testify to God's faithfulness.
: He has placed me in a safe, believing community
: He has been bringing people into my life that I can talk with, feel with, and have fun with
: He has provided food, rent, and odd jobs
: He has blessed me with a loving, believing biological family that I'm forever grateful for

God is faithful. And once again I will step back and watch where He leads me with His loving, Fatherly hand.

Recently, the path where I often take a walk was blocked by the over-flowing river due to a lot of rain and snow--in mid-April...

This is at "Garden of the gods" in Colorado Springs. I guess if the gods had a god, it would consist of those big, red rocks surrounded by 14,000-ft mountaintsThis is also in Colorado Springs, in the mountains by Glen Eyrie. This is on top of the high hill on a mountain sheep (because I guess they usually have a lot of them up there)...

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