Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 60 and still in America

wow. wow. wow.
Today marks 60 days after my college graduation, the day I would have to be out of the country unless I had a job. Yesterday I was offered 2 jobs and had the option for interviewing with a third company. Wow. I took the job with the marketing company and will be starting tomorrow, bright and early!
I'm still so blown away by all this. A week ago, I arrived in Denver with only a place to stay. On Thursday morning, I got an interview offer for Friday morning with a marketing agency. Monday I had a second and third interview with the same company and Tuesday morning, I had the employment offer!
Now I get to stay here!! Words cannot describe my giddyness and excitement over staying here. It's been such a long, winded journey following my dream to Denver, but at last here I am!! Now it looks like I will have to get a car for my job, so please be praying about that, but after what God brought together in Denver, I have no doubt He's got transportation for me too.
For those of you who have followed me closely and been on the edge of your seat like I have been, I hope all this is a testimony to you about God's faithfulness and provision. He is a just-in-time God and will carry you through with hope and comfort. I hope this story reminds you to dream big, hope 'foolishly', and follow God in faith.

Now that I'm in Denver, however, I am under no misperception that my journey is over. It has just begun! Will you please continue to pray for me and keep up with me?

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  1. We are SO proud of you. Your faith is a HUGE testimony. Love ya, girl!