Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thoughts on Denver

Well, tomorrow I go to the same marketing agency for a second interview. It will be all day...oh boy!
But I want to say something. I would love this job and love to be able to stay in Denver (that I'm enjoying more every day!), but if this job does not go through, I will still trust in the Lord's goodness and faithfulness. HE IS IN CONTROL AND KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING.

So, whether I get a job or not, stay in America or now, I will yet praise and love my Lord.

In the meantime, I have some interesting observations about Denver:
--It's really strange to see seminary students drinking beer regularly...
--It's really beautiful here with the mountains surrounding us, but I haven't caught a very stunning sunset...perhaps during another season.
--People here take off their shoes when they walk into a home, but I guess that makes sense so the snow doesn't get all over...
--They have some decent wines, even though I would not have thought winery was big here
--I love how artsy and cultural this city is
--Today it was snowing all day and I saw 2 crazy happenings: the fire department practicing water rescue in a frozen lake; and a 5 K race taking place

but I love it! God, please let me stay here!!

Dios es fiel. That's it.


  1. I have a good friend from college, that I've re-connected with on Facebook who lives in Parker, CO. If you end up moving there, I'll put you two in contact. She's a strong Christian woman who can probably help acclimate you to the Denver area.

  2. I have been lifting you up dear friend and hope that the second interview keeps you here! I love your faith walk and the encouragement it brings to me. You are a true blessing. BTW-both friends of mine in Denver have been on vacation.