Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, I made my first sale today--2 at that!
Today, my fourth day at the marketing company, I got my own territory, meaning I was sent out on my own to my own area that I'll be working for the next few months and I started walking into offices...
This is gonna be an interesting job...Not sure yet what I think of it, but I sure have run into some divine appointments already! Yesterday I was able to encourage a guy at a construction company in his faith when I shared my miracle story of how I got my job. Today I met a Turkish guy selling--you guessed it--cell phones! I had some Turkish tea and was just so happy to use my Turkish.
This job is hard though. Enough said about that.
Good night, folks, and remember that God is faithful. I must continue to remind myself when I ask myself how I got here to have a sales job :) He is good!

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