Monday, February 1, 2010



I've been in Texas, focusing on spending time with the Lord and searching for jobs all over the world. I've had my eye on Denver, Colorado, for quite some time and though I've sent out numerous resumes to CO and even talked to a few companies, nothing has seemed to break through.
It was Friday evening that it just clicked: I'm supposed to go to Denver. Period. Last semester I so clearly remember telling my friend that, by faith, I'm going to Denver, whether it's to work there or just to get my next instructions from the Lord. On Friday, I finally got the "GO" in my heart, being full of assurance that this is my next step. I could hardly sleep that night out of sheer excitement!!
Saturday morning after a welcoming and positive talk on the phone with a lady in Denver, I booked my flight for Tuesday. I don't know if I will end up living there with a job, or just passing through, but I will be there at least until I have to leave the country (visa issue).
The fullness of this all is hitting me and in my mind I'm more confronted with worry, fear, "what ifs", and sadness of leaving an incredible community here, but this leading to Denver was just so incredibly clear that I can't help believe God has something so great in Denver. We'll see :)

Yesterday, my community of younger and older people threw me a celebration party with Turkish tea and German Chocolate Cake. It was amazing. More amazing were their prayers for me and I am blown away by the measure of support, encouragement, and love I have received from these people. I am SO BLESSED!

Stay tuned for what God will do in Denver!

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