Monday, February 8, 2010

My second and third interview

Well, I had my second interview with a marketing agency here in Denver. Today was about shadowing a normal employee and evaluating whether they and I think I could do this day to day.
I think I would do OK. Initially, it would be a lot of direct marketing (personal selling), but that jumpboards me into leadership. There would be tremendous opportunity for career and financial options.
Anyway, the day-interview went so well that I got a third interview as the last part of the day. And I got it with the owner! The cool thing is that this guy is a Korean and knows all about student-visa issues--great! So, tomorrow morning I find out whether I am the one out of many chosen to become their next trainee.

In the meantime, however, I just got offered the other job as the personal assistant. I guess we'll see in the morning if I have to make a decision. Both are great and I would enjoy both. Looks like I may not have to be deported after all, but it's all in the gracious hands of the Father.

thanks all for your prayers!

God is faithful.

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